Calling all beginners: ‘Gregorian 101’

Tim (our Chair) tells us that ‘101′ is how colleges in America denote a course that covers the absolute basics of a subject. A direct English translation would be ‘everything you ever wanted to know about chant but were afraid to ask’! A number of you have mentioned that you would welcome just such a session on Chant so we thought that it would be an excellent idea to organise one in time for our workshop in November.

This event will last for two hours on the morning of Saturday 18th October and will be led by Helen. The session will start at the very beginning and will answer questions such as ‘why are all the notes square?’, ‘how do I know which note to sing?’ and ‘What’s that squiggly thing?’ We will also practice some simple Gregorian ‘classics’ so that by the end of the two hours anyone attending will be able to confidently tackle psalms or a quick Salve Regina with ease.

Time and venue will be confirmed within the next few weeks.

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