Exceedingly Good Vespers!

The weather was not at its best, but our visit to the Benedictine Community at Minster Priory was a most engaging and enjoyable afternoon. Thirty of us plus the sisters from the Community and a few of their guests rehearsed and sang the second Vespers of the day. Being a Sunday there were four psalms to rehearse, plus all the other bits concluding with the solemn Salve Regina.

At the suggestion of Mother Nicola, the Prioress, we divided into two groups so that those less confident could go over ‘the basics’ in more detail with our very own Helen Nattrass. At the same time, Mother Nicola and Sister Mary Stephen made sure that the ‘more-confident’ group tackled the Magnificat and the solemn Salve. Between the two rehearsals, we had a good break with afternoon tea, chatting to the nuns who joined us. Mother Nicola also led a tour of the Priory buildings recounting the history of the establishment.

Overall it was a great afternoon and a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Community’s worship. Mother Nicola and all the sisters were as delighted to have us as we were to be there so, who knows, it may become an annual fixture!

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