Third CGMS Day of Chant

Our third Day of Chant will focus on Byzantine Chant. The day will be led by Dr. Alexander Lingas, one of the leading academics in the field of Byzantine and Orthodox Chant. He is also a Cantor for the Orthodox Church as well as the founder and Artistic Director of the internationally acclaimed choral ensemble Capella Romana.

As many people will be new to this tradition of Chant the majority of the texts will be in English, and the day will mainly comprise practical sessions exploring the notation of the music and the nuances of singing it.

The lectures and workshop part of the day will be taking place at Canterbury Christ Church University’s Canterbury campus.

We will be aiming towards a Service of Byzantine Reader’s Vespers which will take place in St. Mildred’s Church at 5 o’clock.

Tea and coffee will be provided on arrival but you will need to make your own arrangements for lunch; do feel free to bring sandwiches or, if you prefer, take advantage of the many excellent restaurants in Canterbury City Centre. There is also a café close to the seminar room we will be using.

Please email us at if you are interested and we’ll send you details of the day including costs and timing.

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