Ascension Day Mass at St. Peters, Canterbury

We will be singing Gregorian Chant Mass on the evening of Ascension Day in St. Peter’s, one of Canterbury’s mediaeval parish churches. Rev. Mark Ball has invited us to participate in this service. We hope to sing as much of the Ordinary of the Mass and the Propers as will fit in with Father Ball’s Order of Service.

We realise that a bit of practice may be needed! So we have organised a Workshop-practice day on Saturday 1st May with Nick Gale, Director of Music at Southwark Catholic Cathedral.

Nick will give a two part workshop. In the morning we will run a session for absolutely anyone who wants to learn or revise the ‘Missa de Angelis’, the Gregorian Mass most often sung in parishes. This will include the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus that are used in all Masses. It could also include the Creed and the Our Father and some other responses which the Congregation use at Mass.

In the afternoon session ‘improvers’ will rehearse the Propers such as the Introit, the Offertory and the Communion Antiphon. We hope that CGMS Members with a little experience of singing will come along here and get to grips with the special music which is sung only on Ascension Day itself.

Details of timings, venues and the Ascension Day Mass itself will be finalised in the near future and will be published here on the site. As always, our members will receive advance notice.

If you aren’t already a CGMS member and would like to be one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to booking on our events, see our membership page for details of how to apply.

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