Chant workshop on Saturday 1st May

At St. Mildred’s Church, Church Lane, Canterbury, CT1 2PP. Please arrive at 9.45 for a prompt 10am start!

This is a day long workshop for all levels of singer focusing on the different parts of sung Mass. The workshops will be led by Nick Gale, Director of Music at Southwark Cathedral so are a terriffic opportunity to work with an incredibly experienced and knowledgable tutor.

SESSION 1 (10am – 12.30pm): Workshop: Ordinary of the Mass

Are you baffled by Chant? Would you like to sing a confident Kyrie and a sonorous Sanctus? This workshop is open to everyone with an interest in Gregorian Chant, from absolute beginners to experienced singers.


This workshop will enable you to learn the parts of Mass which the congregation usually sings (also called the ‘Ordinary’). We will learn the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus, Our Father and so on.


Nick will also give an introductory talk about the history and evolution of the music we sing.


Price: Free to Members, £5 non-members


SESSION 2 (2pm till 5pm): Propers for Ascension

In preparation for Ascension Day, this session will tackle the more complicated parts of the Mass. Although aimed at those who have some experience of singing Chant, all are welcome!


We will rehearse the music particular to Ascension Day; the Introit, the Gospel Acclamation and the Communion Antiphon (known as the ‘Propers’).


Nick will give a talk about the composers of Gregorian Chant and the way they use music to enhance the emotional impact of the text.

Price: £5 Members, £10 non-members


Price for attending BOTH sessions: £5 Members, £12 non-members 

Contact us for more details and a booking form at:

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