CGMS at the WCCM 2010 seminar in Canterbury

Friday 6th August and Saturday 7th August

University of Kent at Canterbury

9pm for 9.30pm

The World Community for Christian Meditation is holding its annual seminar in Canterbury this year at The University of Kent. They are keen for us to provide some appropriate music during their proceedings. They have asked us to sing Compline on the Friday and Saturday evenings of their seminar.

We will be using the chant that we sang as part of St. Anselm’s Compline in the Cathedral last year, but for those unfmailair with the music Helen will be running a workshop at 2-3pm on the afternoon of Friday 6th August. This is aimed mainly at WCCM seminar participants though others are welcome too.

In addition there will be a (quick!) reminder session at 9pm on the Friday and Saturday prior to the service itself which will begin each evening at 9.30pm.

The exact location for the workshop and service has not been confirmed yet but we will be able to confirm this nearer the time.

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