Chant and Afternoon Tea at Minster Abbey

Sunday 27th July 2pm – 6.30pm with Thomas Neal and Mother Nikola
The Council of Trent’s chant reforms, afternoon tea and then Vespers with the Community

This will be an afternoon of two parts. From 2pm to 4pm we hear from Thomas Neal about the reforms of the Council of Trent (1545-1563) and how this affected music in the Roman Catholic Church, particularly Gregorian Chant. Thomas Neal has recently completed a M.Phil at Cambridge and has carried out extremely interesting research in this area. His talk will refer particularly to Vespers Hymns and look at the alternatim settings written by Palestrina in response to the reforms. We will listen to his talk and then do some singing. If we can muster the forces we might have a go a some of Palestrina’s ‘set’ verses as well as singing through the chant. Then follows our great afternoon tea, a chance to enjoy the lovely setting of Minster Abbey and each-other’s company. After this Mother Nikola coaches us for Vespers. Following a short break, we will join the Community to sing Vespers at 6pm which should finish around 6.30.
This event is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced singers. We can run a parallel Vespers coaching session for beginners. Those with experience of singing in choirs are welcome, as their presence can help us to sing more of Thomas’s examples.
Arrive 1.30 for 2
Costs: Members £5, non-members £10
Includes afternoon tea, music and hand-outs.
Contact: Jonathan Butchers:

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