Great Vespers for Schola Augustini in Ramsgate

Rehearsing on Saturday morning with Thomas Neal at the helmSchola Augustini

The Schola after Vespers and Benediction on Sunday with Rev.Marcus HoldenSchola Augustini 2

An enthusiastic crowd gathered on the morning of Saturday 24th January; the bright sunlight in contrast to the bitter cold. The Schola Augustini practice had attracted people from nearby Ramsgate and as far away as Canterbury and Faversham. Thomas Neal, the Director of Music at St. Augustine’s Abbey, took us through the chant for Vespers and Benediction with good-humoured discipline and plenty of explanation and encouragement. The following afternoon a good proportion of Saturday’s singers reappeared for a final practice and the service itself. Our singing went really well. The monstrance glinting in the darkness and the clouds of incense caught wafting in the candle-light lent a most particular atmosphere to the occasion. This service will occur on the fourth Sunday of the month, rehearse at 4pm for Vespers & Benediction at 5pm at St. Augustine’s Abbey, Ramsgate.

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