Magna-carta-imageSaturday 13th June 2015
We will be singing ‘The Angelus, the Ave and the Salve’ for St.Thomas Becket in the Eastbridge Hospital, High Street, Canterbury CT1 2BD at 2pm and 3pm. This service lasts about 10 minutes. This event is free of charge. For anyone wishing to join in our group, we will be rehearsing at St. Thomas’s Church, Burgate, CT1 2HJ at 12.30. The music is approachable to learn.

MONDAY 15th JUNE at 7pm – Archbishop’s Palace, Maidstone, ME15 6YE
A tribute to Magna Carta featuring contemporary folk music, poetry and gregorian chant. Our contribution will form the second half of the concert. We will sing music connected to Archbishop Stephen Langton and St.Thomas Becket, concluding with a short version of Compline. We finish the event by singing the Solemn Salve close to Magna Carta. Rehearsal will be at 5.30 in the Archbishop’s Palace. Tickets are £7.50 and include wine at the interval.
To book, telephone 03000 414404 or email

For more information about the Canterbury trail day, ‘Singing Justice and Injustice’ and other local events look at this link:

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