About the Society

The Canterbury Gregorian Music Society was launched towards the end of 2007 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to learn more about Gregorian Music and have opportunities to sing Gregorian Chant and meet others with similar interests.

It is a secular society, in that it does not belong to any particular religious group. Having said that, it is difficult to get away from the fact that the content of Gregorian Chant is Christian. Within the events promoted by the society we hope to explore the breadth of the Gregorian tradition as well as overlaps with other chant traditions such as the Jewish, Byzantine, Orthodox and Sufi traditions, to name but a few.

CGMS aims to organise three or four events per year. We also wish to be a focal point for publicising Gregorian church services, workshops organised by others and news. We aim to keep a good number of links to Gregorian websites which deal with sheet music, publications, establishments with expertise in Gregorian chant and education.

We always supply a translation to Latin texts used. We have also set English texts using Gregorian modes and antiphons. Some adaptations are needed for the different infection of English from Latin, but it works.

The Society has three officers, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Others join the committee from time to time to help organise particular events or to lend particular expertise as required.